Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My best photograph yet!

I am just super excited about the first image in this keychain listing! Yesterday I took over 200 photographs, adjusting camera settings and playing with where to take the photo the whole time. This was one of the last few I took and it is just too awesome!

I love the angle of it. The colors came out perfect. The background texture & color is just great. All I had to do was crop it and upload it. NO photo editing on this one! WOOHOO!!!

It is funny now that I think back to how I got this photo. I had the hubby's Nikon D80 sitting on a tripod. The ground is not level where I took the photo so I had legs all extended to different lengths and at different angles. It was staying put but I can not say the tripod was stable. I was outside and the sun was shining bright so I had to come up with a shadow so I used myself to block the direct sunlight. So much for holding the camera. Then I had to figure out how to push the shutter button w/o shaking the camera or knocking it over since I forgot the remote shutter button in the house.

All this after I had to leave the camera sitting in the lane to run in and grab the memory card I forgot inside. I have decided to name this photo the "Oh dear God, don't let the camera fall and hit the rock walkway!" because that is exactly what I was thinking when I took this photo!

After I kick this soft, warm, fuzzy, sleeping cat off my lap, I will head out for a long, brisk walk with the neighbor. When I come home, I am aiming for another great day of photographing and hopefully I will not need to take as many photos to get good ones this time!

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  1. Oh! I remember you posting this lovely photo in the Team thread. It's really really lovely, and I think the best part is the cute story behind it!

    (Stopping by a little late for Wednesday Friendsay!)