Monday, October 25, 2010

Twist your candles into a cozy place!

I just can not quit loving my candle covers. They are just the neatest thing I have come up with. I have been to many PartyLite candle parties and the biggest complaint was keeping the dust off of candles between uses. I too have always had that problem.

I recently bought 2 new white pillar candles. Yes, white. The worst color in the world to keep clean but they are my "storm candles" for when the power goes out and the white ones just give off the most light. After a power outage and my new candles burned with a little dip in the top, I started to panic. I did not want to put them away.

Stumbling to get them out of a cabinet in the dark is not fun. I had just made some crochet coasters and that is when I wondered about making a cover. A few tries for the right size and it was done! I have beautiful covers for my candles now. And these covers work. I have had them on my candles for over a month and no dust has formed! WOOHOO!

So now I would like to share my creation with you!

This is my twisted cozy candle cover series. There will be more twists to come. These are great for those who like a little twist in their decor.

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