Sunday, November 28, 2010

Printing Shipping Labels thru PayPal

Shipping from PayPal is not only easy but also saves you a little money on postage.

You will need a printer and either white paper or shipping labels that will run through your printer. You will also need a scale to weigh your envelope/package. A kitchen scale that weighs in pounds and ounces will work just fine. You do not need a postage specific scale.

Log into PayPal

Find the transaction in the list. There should be a print shipping label button next to it. Click the button.

PayPal will auto fill the address. Compare that to the address from Etsy & decide which to use or contact the buyer to verify the correct address.

If you are shipping from a different zip code than the one listed for the return address, check the button next to Origination Zip Code - Other and enter the address of the post office you will be using. Not doing this can result in refusal of your package at the counter. So not fun!

You will see Carrier U.S. Postal Service Choose a different carrier

If you want to use UPS instead, you may change the shipping carrier by choosing a different carrier.

Most will be using U.S. Postal Service so this tutorial will focus on using the post office.

Select the method you want to use.

You will be given a variety of package options depending on the shipping method chosen.

Remember, to use any Flat Rate service, you must have the coordinating Flat Rate box or envelope provided free by the post office. If you use your own packaging, you can choose any option that does not say Flat Rate next to it.

Enter the weight in pounds and ounces of your package. If you have a portion of an ounce, always round up. No one likes it returned for lack of postage or delivered with postage due.

Select the date which you will be dropping your package in the mail. Your package may be refused at the postal counter if you do not have the correct date. Again, not fun at all.

Choose any other options you want included such as delivery confirmation, return receipt, etc.

Now if you want a short note to the buyer, maybe a quick thank you, include it here.

Click Continue to review your postage request. You will not be charged at this point.

If everything is correct, click Pay & Continue. If not, edit the details that are not correct.

After clicking Pay & Continue a box should pop up for you to print the label. You can print a sample if you are unsure how to load labels into your printer. Once you are happy, click Print Label.

Do NOT click OK on the box that pops up until you have reviewed the printed label.

If your label printed correctly, click OK on the pop up asking such.

If your label did not print correctly, due to wrong label orientation, paper jam, etc, click Cancel and you can reprint the label.

If you need to reprint a label for any reason, simply go to the transaction and click details. Then at the bottom there is a reprint label option for a short period of time. 72 hrs???

If you used paper, tape the label using clear tape to the box. Do NOT put tape over the barcode that is used for delivery confirmation.

PayPal will email the buyer letting them know that their package is on the way!

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  1. wow thanks for the tutorial! i'm so going to try it :)