Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toad Whispering

Living in the woods, we have a lot of toads around our house. They are all over and I have a blast watching them. It is almost mesmerizing! But each time I sit and watch them, I learn a little bit more about them.

Last night, I took my camera out with me while they were feasting on our latest dish soap ant outbreak. I say dishsoap ants because when you disturb the ants, they smell like dish soap. Very strange and their color is nothing I have seen before moving to North Carolina.

I learned that I had built a toad haven by accident. I have been working for the last year on building a native garden and it includes a lot of moss and native plants. I found this guy hiding under a patch of what I call carpet moss. The moss is so soft it feels like you are walking on carpet! But now I don't know if I can ever step on a patch of moss again without worrying I could be stepping on a toad in hiding.

And for the strange thing I learned. I keep seeing these weird things out front. I thought maybe a seed pod or something? I had no clue until I saw this one doing its 'duties' and realized I have been seeing toad turds. Not that I enjoy seeing animals do their 'duty' but I was amazed at how large of a 'duty' a small critter can have.

Come check out my entire collection of Toad Whispering photographs!

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