Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mother Nature is being kind to us

This past January, an ice storm hit Western NC and we were so lucky that none of the breaking branches hit the house or vehicles. Mother Nature gave me some wonderful photographs though!

Last night the wind was howling and we kept hearing things hit the house. Went out this morning and nothing was damaged so it must have been small twigs and branches falling. Whew!

Mother nature sure can be fierce but so far, she has been careful to keep us safe.

Here is just one of the many beautiful scenes we saw after the ice storm back in January. Hopefully we will see some snow this winter so I can share many more of these beautiful scenes with you!


  1. How wonderful for you to live in an aera of such beauty. Gorgeous photo!

  2. Thanks Vickie! I love that fence. I see it every day. :)